Thermal Assessments

Mostly Thermal Assessments can be done by a person accredited to use a specific software and work out the amount of Heat lost or gained in a building.

We are accredited by ABSA to do the assessments using the 2nd Generation software AccuRate .

   What is Thermal Assessment

The Building Thermal Performance Assessment is performed using a computer software to rate the thermal performance of any building.This is also known as House energy rating.In NSW Thermal Assessments are done in conjunction with the BASIX procedure.It is advised to do the energy assessments at early stages of a proposal so that it results in an economic final design .


     2nd Generation Software- AccuRate

The Building Thermal Performance Assessment is done using the AccuRate .An ABSA Accredited assessor who is expert in using the software enters the details of any dwelling , walls,Floors,Ceilings,Doos,Windows and Roof etc.The Software uses the weather data for the given postcode of dwelling and then calculates the requirements of cooling and heating energies to maintain comfort.


   How Thermal Performance Assessments relate to BASIX

The Building Thermal Performance Assessment Results from the 2nd Generation Thermal simulation software can be used to Pass the thermal comfort section in Basix.If the results are not enough to make a pass through Basix we can provide recommendations to accomplish a 5 star energy efficient performance at no extra cost.


    How much does a Thermal Performance report Cost

It is advised that if you send some information about the project we will be able to provide you with an obligation free quote. But generally

Basix and ABSA Thermal Performance Assessment combined will cost something between $ 400 to $600 depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Thermal Assessment alone will vary between $200 to 400

We will send you our detailed fee proposal prior to commencement of our assessments. Please contact us via this online form at


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Why do I need a Thermal performance Report

All states in Australia require new homes to meet minimum thermal performance standards. In other words, the home must be designed to remain at a comfortable temperature without the need for excessive heating or cooling. These requirements are designed to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned to produce energy for homes, thereby reducing Australias greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the BCA, all dwellings must achieve a 4-5 star standard (this varies between States). To meet BASIX requirements, your house design must receive a “PASS” under the Thermal Comfort section. A Building Thermal Performance Assessment conducted by an ABSA Assessor can be used to show compliance with these requirements.


How is Thermal performance Assessment done

We being ABSA accredited Assessors conduct Thermal Performance Assessments by inputting your house design into the 2nd Generation software package-AccuRate. The rating is based on building fabric components (e.g. walls, floors, roof, windows, insulation), climatic data (from weather data files), and occupancy settings.

We will then provide you with a stamped ABSA Certificate (which is required by Councils to be lodged with your Development or Building Application) and will stamp your plans accordingly. In the event that your design does not meet the required minimum standard,We may suggest some alternatives to improve the performance of your house design Free of cost.


What information is required on plans

As per the guidelines set by Association of Building Sustainability Assessors some information must be contained in the client’s final architectural plans.We allso attach a cross reference on the plans.

Required Plans  are :

Site Plan,All Floor Plans (With Room Names), Elevations & Sections.

Must have Information on PLans:

True North & any angle of the building from the True North

Size of the Lot in Square metres

Overshadowing if any from neighbouring fences,Existing Trees or building etc.

Shading structures:Eaves,Pergolas,Verandas with their sizes and locations.

External Colours of Roof & Wall

Height,width & type of all glazing,also frame material,sash type & size.

Insulation levels( R values) and their postion if any wherever possible in walls ,ceilings,roof and sub floor etc.

Plan must have the applicants name,building address,Lot number and DP with Local council’s address and post code.

Any awnings or window covers on external walls.

Please note that We need a space on the Drawings of dimensions 120mm wide x 180mm deep on the front sheetto attach a stamped Thermal Specifications Block.

Please also mention about the inclusions like weather seals to doors & windows,vents,exhaust fans,downlights etc.