Basix certificates

If you need to go to the local council You will probably require a BASIX Certificate.We are accredited assessors from ABSA and specialise in Basix certificates and Thermal Performance Assessments.We will give you the Cost effective ways to meet Basix Requirements.

    When Do You need a Basix Certificate

You will need a Basix Certificate  for:

Any New Dwelling,

For alterations and additions work on existing dwellings where the estimated construction cost of the work is more than $ 50,000 and where development application is required.

For Swimming pools with a capacity of 40,000 Ltrs or more

     How to Get a Basix Certificate

Contact us for a quote or send your plans( including all Floor plans , Sections and Elevations)

We will send you our price with a checklist for you to fill and return if you agree to pay the asked price for the certificates

Once all required information is collected , we will process a draft report and forward it to you .If your plans are not meeting the minimum standards required for an approval in our draft assessment,we will contact you with suggestions and work with you regarding the modifications to get the best possible results.

we will only make changes when you are satisfied with the results.

For new Dwellings you will have to send final drawings to us for stamping and we will return it with all the certificates and reports as per your council’s requirements.

The whole process can take from 3-4 days depending on the method of delivering plans and documents( via email is faster)

We keep one set of plans and specifications for ABSA auditing purposes.


     How much does a Basix Certificate Costs

It varies depending on how complex or simple the Floor plan is .

Please contact us for a quote.


     How to contact us for a quote

Please fill in the form here at

Contact Us.

Alternatively you can call us at 0423 211 914

Are there any BASIX commitments that need to be met

An applicant cannot move into a house until an occupation certificate has been issued by the principal certifying authority. Before issuing an occupation certificate the certifier will need to check or verify that the BASIX commitments have been installed, and in some cases, operate correctly.  All BASIX commitments form part of the consent and must be complied with, however the most critical commitments must be specifically verified by the certifier. The BASIX Certificate will indicate which commitments these are.  Like any other development consent requirement, BASIX commitments can be enforced so the applicant has a responsibility to ensure that the commitments are carried out correctly.


Whats the council checklist for BASIX

Please download the checklist here checklist.pdf


Key points about BASIX

BASIX sets one environmental standard across all NSW Council areas.

BASIX is one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be taken in Australia, delivering equitable and effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across the state.

BASIX means no new home built in NSW will use more water than the current state average.

BASIX is free(If done online using DIY method) flexible and easy to use,{Not FREE Anymore-see below about the new fees} allowing homebuilders to determine how they will meet targets from a wide range of options.

To help both maintain and improve the BASIX system, the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure has announced the start date for a fee for the issuing of a BASIX certificate.

The fee for BASIX certificates issued for new dwellings (such as new single houses, townhouses, apartments and residential flat buildings) begins on July 1, 2011. The fee for BASIX certificates for alterations and additions (of construction value of $50,000 or more and for pools of 40,000 litres or more) begins on September 30, 2011.

How much is the fee?

Single detached dwellings $50

Dual occupancies, multi dwelling housing (other than residential flat buildings) and attached dwellings: for the first 2 dwellings, and $80 for each dwelling more than 2 dwellings $35 Residential flat buildings:

(a) for the first 3 dwellings, and $120 for each dwelling more than 3 dwellings $20

Alterations and additions to BASIX affected buildings

For each dwelling $25

(b) if the development is not development that is set out  – $50.

BASIX® is a registered trademark of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure

BASIX sets clear sustainable housing targets.

BASIX provides much greater market certainty for sustainable industries, such as manufacturers of solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks, insulation, performance glass and stormwater systems.

BASIX provides new home owners with better quality homes that are more suited to their environment and less expensive to run.

Information required on plans

Information regarding WATER USAGE

Rainwater tank , Garden Size & Plumbing fixtures

Harvested area of Roof for rain water collection in tank.

Size & Location of Tank

Rainwater tank connection with any of Garden tap ,Toilets,Kitchen taps or Bathroom Taps.

Mention the Ratings of Plumbing Fixtures like showerhead,Toilet,Bathroom & kitchen taps.( Minimum required is AAA rated)

Information regarding ENERGY USAGE

Hot Water unit location & Type

Heating & Cooling Options for Living & Bedroom areas

Exhaust Options for Bath , Kitchen & laundry

Cooktop/Oven -Electric or gas

Flourescent Lighting in which rooms.

Clothes line Outdoor-Location if yes

Indoor Clothes Line-Retractable -Location if yes

For Detailed heating ,Cooling and other Options please download the checklist for Basix.