BASIX sets water reduction targets for new homes and apartments. The Water target ranges from 40% to 0% across NSW, taking into account the significant variances in the climate. Key facts •90% of new residential development will be covered by the 40% water target. •No new home built in NSW will use more water than the current state average. •The areas covered by the 40% target represent 98% of the states population growth.


To evaluate how efficiently the home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. You either pass or fail the Thermal Comfort section in Basix We Can help you pass using a thermal assessment by using a simulation method as we are NAtional accredited Assessor by ABSA


The BASIX Energy target varies depending on building type and location. This ensures BASIX remains cost-effective and fair to everyone. · Over 80% of all new homes will have to meet the maximum Energy targets. · The average greenhouse gas reduction for all building types across NSW will be 36%.